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Beaufort Embryo Transfer - Services Offered

Services Offered

We boast a team of specialist equine reproduction vets, clinical vets and laboratory technicians as well as expert stallion handlers, stud grooms and efficient administration staff. Working together, this team offers high standards and excellent results.  
Embryo Transfer: Beaufort Embryo Transfer produces many embryo transfer pregnancies each year from valuable, often competing, donor mares by utilising a recipient mare to carry the pregnancy to full term. The donor mare is inseminated and about a week after ovulation, the donor’s uterus is non-surgically flushed out and the recovered embryo is then non-surgically transferred into a recipient mare’s uterus. 

Chilled Transported Embryos: Beaufort Embryo Transfer also offers a chilled transported embryo transfer service where an embryo, flushed out of your mare by a suitably competent reproduction vet, is transported to Beaufort Embryo Transfer on the day of the flushing and transferred into a perfectly synchronised, suitable recipient mare.

Broodmare AI: Fresh, Chilled & Frozen Semen:  Beaufort Embryo Transfer inseminates many broodmares each year, often succeeding where others have failed. We work with fresh, chilled or frozen semen and have very good success rates with all semen types.

Semen Collection, Storage & Shipping:  The DEFRA approved semen collection facilities, semen laboratory, stallion stables and high-fenced paddocks ensure that your stallion can have semen collected in a safe and secure environment. The semen is processed and used as required: - Inseminating resident mares; Transporting to anywhere in the UK; Exporting as chilled semen to Europe; Freezing for domestic or export use. This enables your stallion to be marketed internationally as well as nationally. Stallions can either reside at Beaufort Embryo Transfer or walk in for each semen collection.

 Stallion Training:  With our team of proficient and experienced stallion handlers we can train your stallion to collect from the dummy mare in a safe, controlled and hygienic environment.  Stallions can come to us for training on a walk in basis, or reside with us. 

Embryo Freezing: Beaufort Embryo Transfer have been successfully freezing embryos for a number of years.  This process allows embryos to be collected (by the same process of non-surgical uterine flushing) and instead of being transferred into a recipient mare, the embryo is frozen and can be stored. 

Mare & Stallion Livery tailored to individual requirements:  Our facilities meet the livery demands of both your highly valuable competition mare or breeding stallion and your equally valuable broodmare or pregnant recipient mare. Individual treatment, hygiene and ventilation are second to none ensuring a healthy and happy horse throughout the duration of its stay. We can guarantee a livery package tailored to the individual needs of your horse including stabling, feeding, turnout and exercise to your specific requirements.

Long Term Livery, Foaling Down & Weaning:  Beaufort Embryo Transfer offers an onsite foaling down service on a long term basis for your mare.  Pregnant mares can stay with us to foal down and remain with us, if required, until the foal is weaned.  We provide a safe secure environment where mares are under constant supervision and can be monitored during the foaling down process.  We have vets on site who can assist as and when necessary before, during and after the foaling process. We offer a competitive pricing structure consiting of the foaling down service plus livery. 


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