What is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer is the collection of an embryo (usually 8 days old) from the uterus of a genetically desirable mare (the Donor) and it’s transfer into the uterus of a reproductively competent mare (the Recipient) which then carries the pregnancy to term and nurtures the foal until weaning.  The resulting foal’s genetics are derived from the donor mare and stallion (exactly the same as natural breeding); the recipient merely takes the foal from embryo stage, through pregnancy and birth to weaning and has no genetic influence on the foal.

Why choose Embryo Transfer?

Embryo Transfer allows one to breed from a high class proven competing mare without interrupting her competition schedule.  Embryo Transfer also allows a breeder to produce more than one foal from a mare in any one breeding season; these multiple offspring can be by the same or differing stallions.   Embryo Transfer is also used to overcome some uterine based infertility, and is also used in mares that are considered too old to carry a pregnancy themselves or too valuable to undergo the risks of pregnancy and foaling.

The advantages of this increasingly popular breeding technique are numerous and include: -

  • The ability to breed from a top performing mare while she is competing;

  • Obtaining multiple foals in a single breeding season from a valuable and proven dam;

  • Avoiding the risks of pregnancy and foaling in a priceless mare;

  • Overcoming uterine based infertility.

  • Embryo Transfer favours breeding from superior quality mares, which in turn improves the standard of British bred Sport Horses.



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